Our Story

How it all started...

A Brief Summary of our History

On September 15, 1847, a ship carrying 66 men and women and children docked at Long Wharf in Boston. This group of ex-slaves, led by Rev. Peter Randolph was from the Brandon Plantation in Prince Georges County, Virginia.  The journey north to freedom was the promise and departure order in the will of their former slave master Carter H. Edlow.  Members of the Boston Anti-Slavery Society, led by William Lloyd Garrison met the newcomers and made them welcome by securing lodging and work for self-support.  The group settled in the South End on Ottaway Court not far from the Holy Cross Cathedral.  

Group meetings began in the kitchen of Mrs. Martha Jones for song and prayer services.  Later, in a hall at 1060 Washington St., the children gathered for Sunday school; in the evenings, adults learned reading, writing and “good citizenship.” The kitchen prayer services became Sunday evening preaching services with Rev. Randolph as our first pastor and founder. Ebenezer Baptist Church was organized and became recognized in October 1871.  The church has been Holy Spirit led since its beginning.  

Expanding the vision...

It is now time for us to venture out and expand our ministry.  We believe that God is going to enlarge our territory and we want God's hand upon us every step of the way in faith and practice.
I’m New

Ebenezer Baptist Church of Boston is a place where people can meet Jesus Christ and engage in a life transformation experience.  We desire for all to be welcome.  Our aim is to create a church atmosphere that will feel just like family. This fellowship endeavors to care and love one another through Jesus Christ.  This ministry strives to teach and preach life applicable, relevant principles of God’s word, while always remaining biblically centered.  One of our ministry's focus is to have a spiritual thread of the Word of God impacting all age groups at all times.  We pray that as you become introduced to this ministry, you will eventually become a part of it.  It is our hope that as you are discipled in the Word of God in turn, He will lead you into living a believer’s lifestyle while bringing you to a place, whereby you can ultimately share your gifts to edify the Kingdom of God.  (Matt. 28:16-20)

Where we are headed

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to the local community and the broader world.

As Christian believers we are always seeking to be in a position of studying the word, worship, praise, prayer, witnessing, and fellowshipping. We endeavor and strategize to teach and preach biblical principles in life applicable ways throughout all our ministries.  

We covenant with God our Father to reflect the spirit of Jesus Christ in our everyday practices. We further engage to make an impact in our community and surrounding areas by helping to meet the needs of the people.  

Our ministry's spiritual core values are to focus around the Four E's which include: 1st)  Evangelism (win souls & outreach),  2nd) Empowering Disciples, 3rd) Education (Christian and Academic), and 4th) Economic Empowerment.  

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together Streaming Live at 10:30am.